TPCast Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive: Where to buy for Less?

HTC Vive is definitely the best VR Experience in the market today. The fact that it comes with intuitive controls and a wide range of software support makes it a credible product to get our feet wet in the virtual reality world. In order for you to have most immersive experience, HTC designed the Vive as a product that is comprised of high-quality sensors, adapters, VR headset and of course, cables. You also need to connect the whole system to your computer. This means you are getting first-class VR experience in the condition that you must be connected with cumbersome wires and cables. Good thing TPCast partners with HTC to provide solutions in making all the wires and cables go away, with TPCast Wireless Adapter.

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What is a TPCast wireless adapter?

The TPCast wireless adapter lets you connect your HTC Vive without the need of having your VR headset module tethered to your PC which runs the software of the whole set-up. Basically, the TPCast wireless adapter is a set of router, transmitter, and a battery pack to keep it powered and connected as users move freely within your designated VR landscape. TPCast also promise that there will negligible latency time for the transmission and reception of signals.

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Where to Buy TPCast Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive?

Acquiring the TPCast Wireless Adapter is quite a challenge for VR enthusiasts. The product is now available in China but the supply units are still scarce to the rest of the world. Due to its limited supply, the product is priced significantly higher in the United States, specifically on Amazon, at USD 489, as of this writing. Thus, it is practical to buy the TPCast Wireless Adapter in China where it’s only priced at CNY 1999 or USD 299.70 in the official HTC Vive flagship store on TMall. Plus, it could also get as low as CNY 1899 or USD 284.71 on Taobao.

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    I was looking everywhere for TPCast Wireless Adapter. Thanks for this article! Buying in China’s Taobao is the easiest and cheapest way to buy TPCast for my HTC Vive VR Headset!

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