We have changed our name from TaobaoAge to! This change will not affect the registration and account login details of our registered customers, so you can continue using your existing accounts without any problem.

Why did we change our name to We love our name TaobaoAge however we have been asked by to not use the “Taobao” in our name as they own its trademark.

We have changed our name from TaobaoAge to! This change will not affect the registration and account login details of our registered customers, so you can continue using your existing accounts without any problem.

Why did we change our name to We love our name TaobaoAge however we have been asked by to not use the “Taobao” in our name as they own its trademark. become

We have changed our name from TaobaoAge to! This change will not affect the registration and account login details of our registered customers, so you can continue using your existing accounts without any problem.

Why did we change our name to We love our name TaobaoAge however we have been asked by to not use the “Taobao” in our name as they own its trademark.

TaobaoAge become BaoHero

We are changing our name to on 10th of November 2019

This change will not affect registration and account login details of our registered customers and there is nothing you need to do.

We love our name, TaobaoAge! Why are we changing our name to BaoHero? In short, we have been asked by not to use the word “Taobao” in our name as they own its trademark.

Tips in choosing a Taobao Agent Payment Method

Taobao Age. offers a wide range of flexible payment options for customers when it comes to paying for our services. This article will help you understand our billing process; at the same time, this will help you decide your preferred payment method. Since we are buying from China and serving customers all over the world, we are using a default exchange rate on our website which is 1 CNY = 0.1551 USD. For the purpose of transparency, we update this conversion every month, as currency exchanges fluctuate from time to time.

Tips in choosing Taobao Agent payment method

How does Taobao Agent bill you?

We bill our customers twice along the course of the transaction. Your first bill will cover the actual cost of the product and our service fee which is 5% of product cost. We will send you the second bill upon the completion of the preparation & packaging of your products, and after we have determined the charge weight of your parcel.

The second bill will cover the local shipping fee and international shipping fee. Once your payment has been confirmed, your package will be dispatched from our warehouse, and shipped to your designated shipping address. There are many payment options that you can choose from to pay for our services.

1- Local bank-to-bank transfer to our bank accounts in China, the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. Fast, easy and fee-free! (Newest payment option and most recommended, updated in Jan. 2020.)

If you reside in: the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Eurozone, Poland, the Philippines, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Turkey, you may find it cheaper and more convenient to pay through our affiliate’s bank account in one of the listed countries. Just send the payment to our bank account in your country, just like when you send a payment to a friend in your country. Our affiliated bank account information will be shared on your order page after you place an order. We don’t charge a fee for this payment method (except for the Philippines, which requires a handling fee for the payment).

You may choose to wire transfer to our bank account in China (banks in China only accept USD payments for international wire transfer, payment in RMB will be rejected by the bank). Our account information will be shared on your order page after you place an order. If you reside in China or you have a Chinese bank account,  you can pay to our bank account in China as a local money transfer with your bank account located in China using RMB/CNY.

Don’t worry about payment processing time; once you pay, you may send us a screenshot of the payment so we can start working on your order even if we have not received the payment yet.


2- Using PayPal, credit card, debit card, or direct debit:

  • Paying with PayPal, credit card, debit card, or direct debit with which is part of PayPal)

    If you prefer to not use bank-to-bank transfer, this is the best and most recent avalible method. You may use the above payment methods through Xoom.  Xoom is a secure and trusted payment method owned by PayPal. You can use your Paypal account, credit card, debit card, or even direct bank account transfer (ACH) to pay with Xoom to save a great deal on transaction fees and currency exchange rates.  Payments usually arrive within a few seconds (yes, seconds) to our bank account in China in local Chinese currency RMB/CNY. Xoom works best in the USA and Europe. We have created a page with detailed information on how to use Xoom to pay for your order; please click here.

    If you have never heard of Xoom, don’t worry. You can see what people say about it here.

  • Paying with a credit card, debit card, or direct debit with

    Our second best payment method is It’s similar to Xoom, but with a better exchange rate, lower transfer fees, and it is available in many more countries. TransferWise works best in Europe and the USA. They claim that payments arrive within 24 hours, and, based on our experience, when transferring during banks’ working days and business hours, payments usually arrive at our Bank of China account in RMB within a few minutes or hours. If you prefer to pay with TransferWise, please let us know on your order page.

    When you open an account with TransferWise using this link, TransferWise claims that your first payment with them will be fee-free up to $500, so your first payment to us using TransferWise should be fee-free.

    Don’t worry about payment processing time; once you pay, you may send us a screenshot of the payment so we can start working on your order even if we have not received the payment yet.

    If you have never heard of TransferWise, don’t worry. You can see what people say about it here.


3. Western Union or MoneyGram

You may pay us online, which takes 1-2 business days for us to confirm your payment. You may also elect to pay in person at a Western Union or MoneyGram location nearest you. Using this method, we can confirm your payment within 24 hours. You can use Western Union or MoneyGram to transfer using a credit card, bank account, or even by paying cash. For transfers of at least $1,000, customers get 2% cashback from Baohero.

Now you can transfer online with Western Union, which offers $0 transaction fees if you are in the US using your bank account to send payments. You may check it online here:

Don’t worry about payment processing time; once you pay, you may send us a screenshot of the payment so we can start working on your order even if we have not received the payment yet.


4. Alipay or WeChat Pay

You may also pay us using Alipay or WeChat Pay for fast and safe online payments. It only accepts CNY currency transfer. there is no payment processing fee and fast payment confirmation.

Alipay and WeChat now accept international credit cards. If you buy from China regularly, this might be the best available option to use. It requires some set-up. Here is a video tutorial.


5. Digital Currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins

You can use the above digital currencies to pay for goods and services electronically. Unlike conventional currency, they are not controlled by any central authority like a bank. They are created with the idea to produce a currency independent of any central authority, transferable electronically, more or less instantly, with a very low transaction fee. Baohero is a Taobao Agent that accepts Bitcoins, Ether, and Litecoins as a mode of payment. Our payment processing fee is only 1%.

We also accept other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Dash, NEM, IOTA, Montero, EOS, Tether, Stratis, BitConnect, Zcash, and Antshares. See here.

Customers around the world can use their credit card to send Bitcoin or other currencies to us, which usually arrive instantly. We suggest using these platforms to send us digital currencies: (For customers based in the USA) (For customers based in Europe)


6. Prefer to pay with other methods?

Let us know what other payment methods you prefer to use, and we will see if we can accommodate your request.


Taobao Age. values our customers’ preference in the selection of payment methods. We are always in the pursuit for a safe, secure and fast payment options.

Taobao Agent Payment Method | Taobao Age.

TPCast Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive: Where to buy for Less?

HTC Vive is definitely the best VR Experience in the market today. The fact that it comes with intuitive controls and a wide range of software support makes it a credible product to get our feet wet in the virtual reality world. In order for you to have most immersive experience, HTC designed the Vive as a product that is comprised of high-quality sensors, adapters, VR headset and of course, cables. You also need to connect the whole system to your computer. This means you are getting first-class VR experience in the condition that you must be connected with cumbersome wires and cables. Good thing TPCast partners with HTC to provide solutions in making all the wires and cables go away, with TPCast Wireless Adapter.

Where to buy TPCast Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive? Buy in Taobao for Less with Taobao Agent.

What is a TPCast wireless adapter?

The TPCast wireless adapter lets you connect your HTC Vive without the need of having your VR headset module tethered to your PC which runs the software of the whole set-up. Basically, the TPCast wireless adapter is a set of router, transmitter, and a battery pack to keep it powered and connected as users move freely within your designated VR landscape. TPCast also promise that there will negligible latency time for the transmission and reception of signals.

TPCast Modules | Buy at Taobao for Less with Taobao Agent Taobao Age.

Where to Buy TPCast Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive?

Acquiring the TPCast Wireless Adapter is quite a challenge for VR enthusiasts. The product is now available in China but the supply units are still scarce to the rest of the world. Due to its limited supply, the product is priced significantly higher in the United States, specifically on Amazon, at USD 489, as of this writing. Thus, it is practical to buy the TPCast Wireless Adapter in China where it’s only priced at CNY 1999 or USD 299.70 in the official HTC Vive flagship store on TMall. Plus, it could also get as low as CNY 1899 or USD 284.71 on Taobao.

Use Taobao Agent in buying TPCast Wireless Adapter in China’s Taobao!

To save you from all the hassle in buying from China, you could avail the services of a Reliable Taobao Agent. Taobao Age. is on the top of the list when we talk about the best China Taobao Buying Agent. Placing your order is just a walk in the park. Just visit our website and submit the link of your desired product in our order page. We buy your items, do quality checking, consolidate orders, and ship your items in as early as 3 days. Take advantage all this services for a minimal fee and get that TPCast Wireless Adapter for HTC Vive now for a cheaper price at Taobao!


Quick Taobao Agent Order Guide to buying on Taobao, Tmall, 1688 | Taobao Age.

Taobao Agent Order Guide. You can have easy, and worry-free shopping when you buy stuff in Taobao, Tmall, and 1688 using Taobao Age. your reliable Taobao Agent. Here’s how.


Membership is free which unlocks services exclusive to our members only like free storage in our chinese address, free inspection & quality control, free packing & repacking services, free consolidation, and forwarding service. Our service fee when you shop with Taobao Age. is only 5% of product costs for our standard members, 3% for gold members, and 1% for our platinum members. For more information please see Pricing & Services.


Shop conveniently and securely on top online shopping chinese websites like Taobao, Tmall, and 1688 with Taobao Age. Find the best products on the internet at the lowest prices. No need to worry about card not being accepted, chinese sellers who does not speak and understand english, item not as described or wrong item, and shipping your orders internationally as Taobao Age makes it easy for you to buy in China.


Use our simple form to create your order request, and specify the product links, specs, and your instructions. Check and complete your shipping information, then submit your order. If still undecided about what payment method or shipping method to use, you can just update us later thru comment to your order. Once your order is posted, our customer support will update you regarding your order in 3 to 6 hours.

Quick Taobao Agent Order Guide. How to Order in Taobao using Taobao Agent?


If you want to add new products, no need to create new order. Simply add new products in your active order.

Quick Taobao Agent Order Guide. How to add new products to existing order?

We also combine multiple orders so you can save more on shipping! Our customer support will update your order status once new information is available: Order Received (your order is successfully posted), Order Amount (first bill), Purchase-In-Process, Arrived (we have received the goods), Packed, Invoice (second bill), Payment Complete, Shipped. You will also receive email notifications regarding order status. Our customer support will make sure you understand the entire Taobao Agent Order Guide. You can live chat the team anytime, as they are available round the clock to serve you.


Taobao Age. will send you two billings to your order. Breakdown of the costs is as follows:

  • First Bill: Cost of Products + Service Fee (5%)

This is intended to fund us to purchase your requested products. Once paid, our purchaser will immediately buy your request. Items will be delivered to our processing center located in Guangzhou, China, where we assemble them, do quality and quantity inspection, store your goods, repack in order to minimize dimensional weight, combine multiple orders, etc.

  • Second Bill: Domestic Shipping Fee, if any + International Shipping Fee + 4% Payment Service Charge (if Paypal)

If seller offers free domestic shipping, then we don’t charge any fee. Domestic shipping fee represents the cost to deliver your orders to our processing center within China. Normally, your goods arrive in our warehouse within 2 to 5 days, depending upon seller’s location and how fast seller can dispatch your order.

For payments using Paypal, we charge 4% to cover paypal transaction fees. Other payment methods are TT, Western Union, MoneyGram, US Bank Account, Alipay, etc. We accept USD for all payment methods, CNY for TT to our chinese bank account, and Bitcoins.

Once your orders are combined and packed, we then weigh your parcel and determine the appropriate charge for international shipping. Fee can be calculated thru our Cost Calculator. There many shipping options you can choose from, and rates are discounted so you can save more in shipping with us. Moreover, when you ship with over 20 KG, fee is discounted about 20%, and there’s special discount for over 100 KG. Once we ship your order, we will send you the tracking number so you can follow your shipment. We will include documents required for customs clearance in your destination country.

For more information about Taobao Age. Taobao Agent Order Guide, you may check How does Taobao Age. work?.

Shop now with Taobao Age. your reliable Taobao Agent, we make shopping in China fast, easy, and secure. Have a worry-free shopping!

Taobao Agent Order Guide | Taobao Age.

Taobao Age. Blogger Program

If you’re a blogger, vlogger, or shopping enthusiast with popular social network page, you can apply for Taobao Age. special offer made just for you! We are excited to work with you and help you buy cool stuff from China’s top marketplace delivered to your doorsteps! Spread the word about the amazing offers Taobao Age has in store for global shoppers and get instantly rewarded! Here’s how Taobao Age. blogger program works.

Taobao Age Blogger Program: Special Offer for Bloggers, Youtubers, and Social Media Influencers!

  1. If you have a blog, youtube channel, popular social media network like facebook page & groups, instagram, twitter, or tumblr, where you are actively sharing posts with your followers, you are qualified for Taobao Age. blogger program!
  2. Simply fill up the form below to join the program.
  3. Wait for Taobao Age. PR Team to contact you and discuss the terms.
  4. Once approved, you will be provided a code. Create an order request. Make sure the items that you want to acquire are not restricted on international shipping. Write your code inside “Coupon Code” field, and submit your order request. With Taobao Age. you can shop from china’s top online shopping sites like taobao, tmall, and 1688.
  5. Taobao Age. team will then process your order.
  6. Receive your package, and write a review with link to

Once we approve your application, you will be offered any of the options below depending on your blog category, audience, and traffic. Enjoy Shopping!

Free Services

No Service Fee. Just pay for item cost and shipping. You also get special rate from Taobao Age. on international shipping.

Free Shipping

Free shipping of your parcel. Only pay for item cost. Once we receive your order, we ship them to you right away!

All Inclusive Offer

You will not pay for anything at all. We cover all the costs including item cost & shipping fee with additional services!

    Enter this code: captcha

    Taobao Shopping: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Taobao Shopping – Online Shopping is becoming more and more popular in this era. The convenience it offers and the variety of products and services that can be seen online make most people want to try it out. There are a lot of shopping sites on the internet but in this post we will introduce one of the largest online shopping sites in the world – Taobao is a chinese e-commerce site which offers wide variety of quality products and millions of sellers which offer very competitive and affordable prices of goods. Taobao in chinese actually means “searching for treasure network”; browse the site and you will instantly know that Taobao is the best haven in the internet for affordable stuff!

    taobao shopping

    Advantages of Taobao Shopping:

    1. Extremely Low Prices. Goods from Taobao are cheap primarily because of the low cost of labor in China, low cost of materials, low cost of doing online business in Taobao, and high competition among sellers. As there are a lot of sellers for a single search of product, you can easily compare prices for same or similar items.
    2. Wide Variety of Product Choices. Taobao is “the everything store.” You can find almost everything you need in this shopping platform. You get to choose from a variety of listed products from different suppliers.
    3. Unique and Crazy Stuff. You can find a lot of creative, unique and crazy stuff from Taobao. From adorable pet stuff, food-shaped pillows or socks to even a rent-a-date service, name it and you’ll be surprised that Taobao has it.
    4. Super Deals, Sales and Events. A great way to save more money when shopping at Taobao is to watch out for Taobao sales and events wherein countless shops offer huge discounts and vouchers! The top sales and events in Taobao are:
    • Singles Day/Double 11- Held every November 11th each year (thus the 11.11 or Double Eleven name)
    • Double 12- Massive year-end sale coming every December 12th – the Double Twelve (12.12)
    • Taobao Daily Sales
    • Clearance Sales

    Disadvantages of Shopping in Taobao

    1. Language Barrier. For an international buyer, Taobao can be a bit daunting as the website is 100% chinese. But online translation tools like Google Translate can help you in that matter. But it becomes hard when you communicate with Chinese sellers, as most of them don’t speak and understand English. Communication is very important when you negotiate prices or bargain with a seller which is very common in Taobao marketplace, and also when you are confronted with issues like dealing with item not as described, defective product, returns, exchange, refunds, etc. And at times, international buyers are taken advantage by Chinese sellers because of their perception that foreigners can pay more.
    2. Many Taobao Sellers are inexperienced with International Shipping and don’t support International payment methods.
    3. The risk posed by scams.  There are a lot of scams reported within the platform. It is very important before transacting with a seller that you check seller’s reliability. You can do this by checking seller’s reputation, detailed ratings, customer feedback, number of successful transactions, etc.

    Benefits of Using Taobao Agent

    To avoid the potential pitfalls when shopping in Taobao by yourself from overseas, you can use the services of Taobao Agents. Taobao Agents are ideal for buyers outside of China, and also for expats residing within Mainland China. They act as a middlemen between a Taobao Buyer and Taobao Seller. They purchase products on your behalf. They do the negotiation and communication of buyer’s instructions to the seller. They are native chinese speakers and proficient english speakers. Taobao Agents offer the following services for Taobao buyer’s easement in Taobao shopping:

    • Purchase your requested products
    • Receive your orders and offer storage
    • Check the quality of your orders, and verify conformity to your specifications
    • Handle issues concerning the product(s) and transaction: returns/exchange/refund
    • Consolidate orders to help you save in shipping cost as the first 500 grams charged by couriers is the most expensive.
    • Pack your orders with extra protection to safeguard during transit

    Taobao Agents are very experienced in international shipping, so they can ship directly to your designated address, and you can save in shipping as most offer discounted shipping rates. Shopping in Taobao can be safe and simple with the help of Taobao Agents. So, to start your hassle-free and secure Taobao shopping, contact now the Best Taobao Agent, Taobao Age. Reach Taobao Age. through its website, live chat service, or e-mail: [email protected].

    Ways to Translate the Taobao Website from Chinese to English

    If you are new to shopping on Taobao, you will be amazed at what you can find on the biggest Chinese online shopping website. You can find almost anything on Taobao, at extremely low prices compared to many other sites on the internet. You would likely be convinced to use it. However, if you are an international buyer browsing through the site, you will notice that the website is in the Chinese language. This may lessen your desire to shop on Taobao; however, you don’t have to worry. Even if the site is not presented in English, there are still ways to easily shop on Taobao as an international user.

    taobao english

    Google Translate
    Using Google Chrome as your browser when surfing Taobao offers a convenient way of translating the whole webpage into the English language. The browser has an automatic translation function. The translation may not be 100% accurate, but this will provide you with great information for understanding all the essential details, like product information, payment method, warranty, etc.

    Translation Apps
    Some popular translation apps are iTranslate and Waygo. Using iTranslate, you can choose from 90 different languages. You can plug in a word or phrase from Taobao that you want to translate into English (or to your preferred language that is available in the app). The Waygo app is able to translate Chinese text in real time into readable English using a smartphone camera. Waygo  translates by scanning images, finding relevant texts, and finally creating sensible phrases in English. Additionally, the app does not require internet connection to operate.

    Taobao Agent
    Taobao agents are native Chinese speakers and are proficient in English as well. Thus, if you have questions about a specific product on Taobao, you can contact them to translate the information for you, or you can even ask them to contact Taobao sellers to negotiate with them on your behalf. Taobao agents aids you in making the whole process of buying from Taobao efficient and convenient. Here are the services that Taobao agents offer:

    • Buy from a Taobao seller on your behalf
    • Receive your orders in their processing centers and offer storage
    • Ensure that products conform to specifications
    • Handle returns/exchanges of products
    • Consolidate and pack your orders together to help you save on shipping
    • Ship your orders from China to your designated address

    Effective communication is crucial in buying from Chinese marketplaces. The important thing is that you will be able to successfully buy the things that you want from Taobao. Don’t let a language barrier stop you, as there are many ways you can get around it to optimize your online shopping experience. To get more tips on how to do your online shopping at Taobao, always be on the look out on our new blogs at

    Buy from Taobao & save with Cheapest Taobao Agent – Taobao Age.

    You can find super deals in Taobao, and save more when you use the services of the Cheapest Taobao Agent. Here’s how you can save with Taobao Age.

    Cheapest Taobao Agent | Buy From Taobao

    Service Fee is only 5% 

    While other Taobao Agents charge customers 8 to 10% based on total product cost and local shipping fee, Taobao Age. offers very reasonable rate of 5% of Product Cost without minimum fee. Our Exchange rate is 1 USD = 0.1550 CNY.

    VIP Perks: as low as 1% Service Fee

    Loyal customers are able to accumulate points for every transaction, which they can use to upgrade their membership to Gold or Platinum. Gold and Platinum members will enjoy much lower rate of only 3% and 1%, respectively, instead of the standard 5% Service Commission. See Taobao Age. Services & Pricing for more information.

    Payment Cashback of 2% 

    For each payment transfer of at least 1,000 USD via Western Union or TT, customer gets 2% cashback! This means that for 1,000 USD, you get 20 USD OFF, and savings gets bigger the more you transfer.

    Related Article: Top Taobao Sales you should never miss!

    Package Consolidation: save up to 70%

    We combine orders from multiple sellers from Taobao, Tmall, 1688, & other chinese online marketplace. You can save more in having orders combined rather than having each of them shipped individually. The first half-kilo is costlier than the succeeding halves, thus you can avoid having this price being charged repeatedly to each individual order. Moreover, we can remove unnecessary packaging like shoe-boxes to minimize parcel’s dimensional weight, and bubble wrap items without extra costs!

    Discounted Shipping Fee

    You can save in shipping from China with discounted rates! Due to our volume of transactions, we get shipping discounts from our shipping partners, which in turn benefit our customers from low shipping rates. There are many options you can choose from to ship your parcel from China like express shipping, slow mail service/economy lines, and also air freight and sea freight for bulk shipments. Plus, you get additional discount for over 20 KG parcel, and special discount for over 100 KG!

    Inclusive Services!

    Members get to avail many inclusive services from Taobao Age. We provide inspection service, free storage, package consolidation, packing/repacking service, shipping service, taobao dropshipping, and more! You too can enjoy all these services for only 5% Service Fee!

    So shop now with us and enjoy the best value-for-money services of the Cheapest Taobao Agent – Taobao Age.

    Best Taobao Shipping Service, Best Taobao Shipping Agent – Taobao Age.

    Online shopping in Taobao, which is China’s biggest online marketplace, means getting the best prices for wide variety of products. There is no denying the fact that Mainland China is the no. 1 market for where 85% of the 500M average monthly traffic comes from. This is mainly because of the difficulty that comes from shopping in Taobao from overseas. One of the important considerations when buying at Taobao from an international market is Taobao Shipping Service.

    Best Taobao Shipping Service

    For one, majority of sellers in Taobao are not experienced in international shipping. Most of the sellers where you can find the lowest prices for products are at Mainland China location.

    Buy from Taobao | Best Taobao Shipping Service

    Mainland China sellers transact with Mainland China customers.

    1. There is a huge market in Mainland China alone.
    2. They can’t speak in english, or they have very minimal english.
    3. Their transactions are inside China. They have less to zero experience in shipping goods overseas.

    But Taobao Age. is here to make it easy for international buyers to get access to amazing deals which can only be found in Taobao Marketplace. Taobao Age., is a reliable english taobao agent to facilitate your overseas purchase in Taobao, Tmall, as well as 1688, and other top chinese marketplaces. For a minimal fee, you can take advantage of many services like buying service, china virtual address, inspection, consolidation, and of course Taobao Shipping Service.

    Buying Service 

    All you need to do is create an order with us at, and specify the product links, quantities, sizes, and colors. Taobao Age. will buy your requested products ASAP after payment. Your orders will be delivered in our processing center located in Guangzhou City China, where they are carefully checked to make sure all products are in good condition and conform to the specifications. Our service fee is 5% of Product Cost which includes inspection, consolidation, storage, taobao shipping service, drop shipping service, etc.

     Package Consolidation

     If you are buying from multiple sellers, Taobao Age. will combine the orders into one package so you can save more in shipping.

    China Package Consolidation with Virtual Chinese Address

    We also offer chinese address in case you want to do the purchase yourself. You buy the goods from your suppliers, and have them delivered to our processing center. We receive and collect the goods, inspect each one carefully, then store them until you decide to have them shipped. Our team will then complete the whole consolidation process (combine, pack, weigh). Once your invoice is paid, we ship the package to you ASAP. For China Package Consolidation with Virtual Chinese Address, our service fee is 10% of the shipping cost.

    Taobao Shipping Service

    We ship to over 200 overseas destinations worldwide. We offer the following shipping methods:

    Shipping MethodsDelivery Time
    TT Express2 to 5 business days
    STO Express2 to 5 business days
    YTO Express2 to 5 business days
    SF Express3 to 7 business days
    DHL3 to 7 business days
    FedEx3 to 7 business days
    Aramex3 to 10 business days
    EMS7 to 10 business days
    SGEMS7 to 10 business days
    ePacket7 to 14 business days
    Holland Airmail15 to 20 business days
    China Airmail15 to 20 business days
    GZ Post15 to 20 business days
    HK Post10 to 30 business days

    We also offer air freight and sea freight for large shipments. Just send us the following details in order to quote the price:

    First nameTotal actual weight (kg)
    Last nameCarton dimension LxWxH (cm)
    Email addressTotal dimensional weight (optional)
    Phone numberTotal CBM
    Item nameDeparture port
    Item materialArrival port
    With battery (yes/no)Shipment type (FCL, LCL, Air)
    Value of goodsShipment ready date
    Number of cartonsDelivery (door to door/door to port/port to port

    You can save in using Taobao Age. Taobao Shipping Service with our discounted shipping rates. Taobao Age. offers the lowest Taobao Shipping Service for international shipping. What more, for over 20KG, prices are slashed by 20%, with special discounts for over 100KG! Taobao Age., makes your shopping fast, easy, and secure! Ship with the Best Taobao Shipping Service Now!