Top Taobao Sales you should never miss!

A great way to save money when shopping at Taobao is to watch out for Taobao sales and events wherein countless shops offer huge discounts and vouchers! In Taobao, as well as in Tmall, there are daily sales, events, and shopping seasons you definitely would not want to miss especially if you are the thrifty type, or just the avid Taobao shopper. There may be products you are eying to buy. But having them and saving money at the same time is always a welcome idea. So here, we list down the biggest Taobao sales and events every year. You should mark your calendars!

Taobao Sales

Singles Day

Singles day is also referred as Double Eleven, which is held every November 11th each year (thus the 11.11 or Double Eleven name). This annual shopping bonanza is the most popular and busiest shopping event of the year where thousands of participating stores and brands, both local and international, sell to millions of buyers.  This is like the Chinese version of Black Friday in the United States.

If you wonder why it is called Single’s day, this is actually a made-up event for young chinese singletons but Alibaba, the company behind Taobao, turned it as the biggest global shopping event every year which generates sales worth billions of yuan in just one day; and year after year it easily surpassed previous record, and has proved to the world its perennial success. This is how HUGE Singles day is. You’ll definitely purchase two for the price of one, or even cheaper!

Weeks ahead of the event, you can already find participating shops in Taobao website. Since this is a one-day shopping event, we recommend that you look for nice items before November 11th, as you can easily be overwhelmed with so many products during the day. And in order to qualify for the discounts, you need to have your purchases within the 24-hour period in Beijing time. For overseas buyers, you’ll have the easiest and most convenient shopping on Singles day using Taobao Age., your reliable Taobao Agent! You can check Taobao Age. Services and Pricing HERE.

Double 12

Double your purchasing power with the massive year-end sale coming every December 12th – the Double Twelve (12.12). This is created as follow-up sale to Single’s day but mainly focuses on small and medium-sized retailers to be part of this event. For Taobao shoppers, this is another great time of the year to shop for products at marked down prices with up to 70% savings!

Daily Deals

In any day of the year, Taobao always has amazing deals for you where you can find various items for as low as 10 Yuan! Prices are dropped down up to 90% off the regular retail price. However, products are on sale for a limited quantity and time period only; thus, hurry and never miss the chance to buy your favorite items on sale! Check Taobao Daily Deals now!

You can also visit Alibaba group buy site which is Taobao Ju Hua Suan, which means Taobao group bargains. This site was originally part of Taobao marketplace but later spun off as a separate company within the Alibaba Group. Since then, it has grown to focus more into its core competency; and now has become the leading daily deals site in China with over millions of daily site visitors.  You can find daily deals for things like clothing, homeware, mother and baby products, consumer electronic accessories, children’s toys, and even travel and “lifestyle” deals like in Groupon. For overseas buyers, you can always have easy access to these amazing deals using Taobao Age service.

Clearance Sales

Taobao holds clearance sales where you can find genuine products from decent brands that offer huge discounts! Each product is available for limited stocks only, so hurry before it’s gone!

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