Tips in choosing a Taobao Agent Payment Method

Taobao Age. offers a wide range of flexible payment options for customers when it comes to paying for our services. This article will help you understand our billing process; at the same time, this will help you decide your preferred payment method. Since we are buying from China and serving customers all over the world, we are using a default exchange rate on our website which is 1 CNY = 0.1551 USD. For the purpose of transparency, we update this conversion every month, as currency exchanges fluctuate from time to time.

Tips in choosing Taobao Agent payment method

How does Taobao Agent bill you?

We bill our customers twice along the course of the transaction. Your first bill will cover the actual cost of the product and our service fee which is 5% of product cost. We will send you the second bill upon the completion of the preparation & packaging of your products, and after we have determined the charge weight of your parcel.

The second bill will cover the local shipping fee and international shipping fee. Once your payment has been confirmed, your package will be dispatched from our warehouse, and shipped to your designated shipping address. There are many payment options that you can choose from to pay for our services.

Taobao Agent Payment Method, which is part of the PayPal is a popular payment method used on our website
This is the best and most recent avalible method, secured and trusted payment method owned by PayPal. You can use your Paypal account, credit card, debit card or even direct bank account debit (ACH) to pay with Xoom to save a great deal on transaction fees and currency exchange rate. Payments usually arrive within minutes to our bank account in China in local Chinese currency RMB/CNY.
We have created a page with detailed information on how to use Xoom to pay for your order, please click here.
Don’t worry about payment processing time, once you pay, you may send us a screenshot of the payment to start working on your order even if we did not get actually the payment yet.
We also use to accept payments, it’s similar to Xoom. If you prefer to pay with TransferWise, please let us know on your order page.

Western Union or Moneygram

Another alternative payment methods are Western Union and Moneygram. Aside from the fact that we won’t charge you anything, we are also offering 2% cashback for at least 1000 USD spent. Electing either Western Union or Moneygram could also give faster confirmation time of your payment.

Bank Transfer to our US Bank or China Bank

You may also opt to pay through our affiliate’s US bank if you’re buying from the United States. This is even more convenient and cheaper due to the fact that we only charge 10 USD for a minimum transfer of 500 USD. If you’re buying with bigger amounts, it is wise to use this payment method.

Likewise, you can also transfer to our China bank account in CNY currency to avoid conversion rate. All transfers of at least 1000 USD will also get 2% cashback, and we will confirm your payment in 2-3 days.

Alipay and WeChat Pay

If you have an Alipay account or WeChat Pay, it is also advisable to pay us using these payment platforms. Using these methods is fast, not to mention that they’re also one of the safest online payment methods. You will pay in CNY currency – no payment processing fee!

Digital Currencies

Aside from Amazon eGift Card, Taobao Age. also accepts digital currencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Litecoins as mode of payment.  These currencies are becoming popular in the internet. Thus, to be more flexible in terms of offering wide range of payments, we are very pleased to accept transactions using these currencies. These currencies are independent of any central authority; they are transferable electronically, and comes with VERY LOW TRANSACTION FEE. And Taobao Age. only charges customers 1% payment processing fee.


Taobao Age. values our customers’ preference in the selection of payment methods. We are always in the pursuit for a safe, secure and fast payment options.

Taobao Agent Payment Method | Taobao Age.

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