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Taobao Agent Order Guide. You can have easy, and worry-free shopping when you buy stuff in Taobao, Tmall, and 1688 using Taobao Age. your reliable Taobao Agent. Here’s how.


Membership is free which unlocks services exclusive to our members only like free storage in our chinese address, free inspection & quality control, free packing & repacking services, free consolidation, and forwarding service. Our service fee when you shop with Taobao Age. is only 5% of product costs for our standard members, 3% for gold members, and 1% for our platinum members. For more information please see Pricing & Services.


Shop conveniently and securely on top online shopping chinese websites like Taobao, Tmall, and 1688 with Taobao Age. Find the best products on the internet at the lowest prices. No need to worry about card not being accepted, chinese sellers who does not speak and understand english, item not as described or wrong item, and shipping your orders internationally as Taobao Age makes it easy for you to buy in China.


Use our simple form to create your order request, and specify the product links, specs, and your instructions. Check and complete your shipping information, then submit your order. If still undecided about what payment method or shipping method to use, you can just update us later thru comment to your order. Once your order is posted, our customer support will update you regarding your order in 3 to 6 hours.

Quick Taobao Agent Order Guide. How to Order in Taobao using Taobao Agent?


If you want to add new products, no need to create new order. Simply add new products in your active order.

Quick Taobao Agent Order Guide. How to add new products to existing order?

We also combine multiple orders so you can save more on shipping! Our customer support will update your order status once new information is available: Order Received (your order is successfully posted), Order Amount (first bill), Purchase-In-Process, Arrived (we have received the goods), Packed, Invoice (second bill), Payment Complete, Shipped. You will also receive email notifications regarding order status. Our customer support will make sure you understand the entire Taobao Agent Order Guide. You can live chat the team anytime, as they are available round the clock to serve you.


Taobao Age. will send you two billings to your order. Breakdown of the costs is as follows:

  • First Bill: Cost of Products + Service Fee (5%)

This is intended to fund us to purchase your requested products. Once paid, our purchaser will immediately buy your request. Items will be delivered to our processing center located in Guangzhou, China, where we assemble them, do quality and quantity inspection, store your goods, repack in order to minimize dimensional weight, combine multiple orders, etc.

  • Second Bill: Domestic Shipping Fee, if any + International Shipping Fee + 4% Payment Service Charge (if Paypal)

If seller offers free domestic shipping, then we don’t charge any fee. Domestic shipping fee represents the cost to deliver your orders to our processing center within China. Normally, your goods arrive in our warehouse within 2 to 5 days, depending upon seller’s location and how fast seller can dispatch your order.

For payments using Paypal, we charge 4% to cover paypal transaction fees. Other payment methods are TT, Western Union, MoneyGram, US Bank Account, Alipay, etc. We accept USD for all payment methods, CNY for TT to our chinese bank account, and Bitcoins.

Once your orders are combined and packed, we then weigh your parcel and determine the appropriate charge for international shipping. Fee can be calculated thru our Cost Calculator. There many shipping options you can choose from, and rates are discounted so you can save more in shipping with us. Moreover, when you ship with over 20 KG, fee is discounted about 20%, and there’s special discount for over 100 KG. Once we ship your order, we will send you the tracking number so you can follow your shipment. We will include documents required for customs clearance in your destination country.

For more information about Taobao Age. Taobao Agent Order Guide, you may check How does Taobao Age. work?.

Shop now with Taobao Age. your reliable Taobao Agent, we make shopping in China fast, easy, and secure. Have a worry-free shopping!

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