How to Search for a Product in Taobao Using a Photo

You have the exact image of the item you’re eyeing to buy and you want to search for it in Taobao. This article offers you a simple guide on how to easily find the item you are looking for by simply uploading a photo. It’s the coolest thing to try with online shopping! So, how exactly do we search for a product in Taobao using a photo?

With hundreds of millions of product listings on Taobao, you can surely find what you are looking for. But the question is: how long will it take you to find it? Let’s cut the lengthy and tiresome process short and make it easier for you.

1. Upload Your Image

How to search product in Taobao using photo? - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Click the camera icon in search bar and upload the image. Taobao will then list products that look similar in appearance.

How to search product in Taobao using photo? - Taobao Age | Taobao English

2. Filter Your Search

Instead of showing “All” items, you can filter results by choosing a category like “Male,” “Female,” or “Child.” In my case, I chose “Male.”

Search Product in Taobao using Photo - Taobao Age | Taobao English

3. Use the Marquee Body Tool

You may notice that the uploaded image appears on the top left side of the page. You can also search for a particular item found on the image by using the Marquee body tool. For example, aside from the shirt, I also like the jeans. Using the tool will give spotlight to the jeans, thus narrowing search results to similar items. Just go to the uploaded image and click “Marquee body.” Then, focus the item using the tool and click “OK.”

Search Item in Taobao using Image - Taobao Age | Taobao English

To be more specific, you can further filter search results, such as in the example below, where I chose “Bottoms.” You can find these filters beside the uploaded image. Categories include “Coats,” “Dresses,” “Bottoms,” “Bags,” “Shoes,” etc.

Find Product in Taobao by uploading Image - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Now I want to search for the shirt again; just follow the same process as above. Go to the uploaded image, click “Marquee body,” focus the upper body and click “OK.” I also chose “Shirt” or “Coat” to limit the search further. With these results, I can now compare prices and choose a seller.

Make sure your location is set to Mainland China in order to use this feature. Additionally, you can find more products at insanely cheap prices when your location is set to Mainland China rather than Taobao Global, since most Taobao sellers do not have the ability to perform transactions with international customers. You just need to find a reliable Taobao agent to help you.

Use Chrome to easily translate webpages to your preferred language. In the example, I use the English language. This cool feature to search for a product in Taobao using a photo is also available in the Taobao Mobile App. Try it and enjoy effortless shopping!

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