Services & Membership Benefits


Membership PrivilegesStandardGoldPlatinum
Basic Service Fee5% with a minimum $103% with a minimum $71% with a minimum $5
Minimum Order100 USD100 USD100 USD
Max amount accepted by AGC200 USD400 USD800 USD
Local Shipping : Sellers Price✔︎✔︎✔︎
Consolidation in unused box✔︎✔︎✔︎
Logo Printing, Qty 50050 USD50 USD50 USD
Logo Design39 USD39 USD39 USD
Free Product SearchUp to 30 productsUp to 30 productsUp to 30 products
Product Search FeeAfter, $1/item; Max of 2 linksAfter, $1/item; Max of 2 linksAfter, $1/item; Max of 2 links
Free StorageFirst 30 daysFirst 60 daysFirst 90 days
Storage FeeAfter, $1/pack/dayAfter, $1/pack/dayAfter $1/pack/day
Return, not seller’s mistakePay local shipping & service feePay local shipping & service feePay local shipping & service fee
Customized Items20 USD handling fee for each item20 USD handling fee for each item20 USD handling fee for each item

* Dropshipping Services. We can add your business logo to the box.

We will handle printing of stickers in China; simply send us your logo in PSD or other format.

** Photos. If our quality team suspects a nonconforming or defective product, we will upload the
photo to your order page, free of charge.

How to Upgrade Your Membership

Membership PrivilegesStandardGoldPlatinum
Loyalty Program1,999 Points3,999 Points
Standard Member Upgrade$ 199$ 299
Gold Member Upgrade$ 99

Membership can be upgraded through either of the following:

Loyalty Program. Each dollar spent on item cost & local shipping is equivalent to one point ($1 = 1 point). Once accumulated points reach the thresholds in the table above, membership is upgraded to the applicable category.

Instant Upgrade. A standard member can pay for an automatic upgrade to either Gold or Platinum by an outright payment of the applicable fee. Likewise, a Gold member can upgrade membership by paying $99.

Value-Added Services

Baohero Factory Sourcing | Taobao Agent
Factory Sourcing

We help you connect directly with Suppliers so you can price your products competitively & enjoy wider margin!

Taobao Dropshipping | Baohero
Drop Shipping

We ship your orders directly to your customers. We can also add your business logo in the box.

Baohero | Taobao Agent | Taobao English

Return / Exchange

We return defective or nonconforming products and/or have it exchanged by the seller. Seller shoulders local shipping.