The available payment methods are as follows:

  1. Bank Transfer ( to our bank accounts in China, USA, Europe, and other countries )
  2. Western Union or MoneyGram
  3. Alipay or WeChat Pay
  4. Digital Currencies: Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, and others.

Currencies Accepted:

  1. US dollars (via Bank transfer to China, MoneyGram)
  2. Chinese Yuan (via TransferWise, Alipay, WeChat Pay)
  3. Euro, Austiriralan dollar, New Zeland dollar, and other currencies to our local bank accounts in the mentioned countries.
  4. Digital Currencies: Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, and other Cryptocurrencies For updates about our Exchange rate refer here:


Our Bank of China information:

Please contact us for more information about receiver details.

Reason for payment: Personal Payment; in order to avoid delay in receiving your payment, please write “Personal Payment”  when your bank asks you for the purpose of payment as commercial payments require extra issuances of invoices to be received, which we don’t provide. Our bank in China receives USD only, any payment in other currencies including RMB will be rejected by the bank.

Kindly provide us thru comment to your order, money transfer receipt or transfer history, to confirm your payment. We suggest using Bank Transfer with large orders only to avoid paying high fees for a small amount.

If you reside in (USAUK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Spain Sweden, Norway Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia, Euro-zone, Poland, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Turkey) you may find it more convenient and cheaper to pay through our affiliates bank accounts there. Please let us know on your order page about which country you want to transfer to, so we share our bank account information.

You can also use to send payments, it’s similar to Xoom. If you prefer to pay with TransferWise, please let us know on your order page.

2. MoneyGram

There will be no additional payment service charge for Money Gran payments. You may transfer your payment to the recipient below:


After you have paid to the above account, please inform us about the following details to confirm your payment:

  • Amount
  • Country
  • Sender’s First Name
  • Sender’s Last Name
  • MTCN

Note: Please do not set fixed exchange rate when you pay and don’t write any note in the transfer or we can not withdraw your payment. Can not accept payments less than 100 USD

It would be the safest and fastest to choose the reason of the transfer as Personal Remittance or Personal Transfer.

We suggest to use with large orders only to avoid paying high fees for small amount.

7% Payment Processing Fee. Kindly inform us once payment is made, to confirm.



To make online payments to Baohero. using Alipay, simply send to our designated Alipay account [email protected] or scan our QR Code as follows:

WeChat Pay

 You can pay by scanning this QR code



For payment using bitcoins, please send bitcoins to this address:


27% Payment Processing Fee to exchange Bitcoin to USD. Kindly inform us once payment is made, to confirm.

Ethereum / Ether

For payment using ether, please send to this address:


27% Payment Processing Fee. Kindly inform us once payment is made, to confirm.


For payment using litecoins, please send to this address:


27% Payment Processing Fee

We also accept other cryptocurrencies, e.g. Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Dash, NEM, IOTA, Montero, EOS, Tether, Stratis, BitConnect, Zcash, and Antshares. See

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