Find Products in Taobao using Search Filters

Taobao has search filters which you may find very useful when searching for products to buy. You may use these filters individually or in combination to get your desired search result. Among the important filters to help you find products in Taobao are as follows:


When you use broader keywords in searching products, Taobao offers you product categories and sub-categories related to your keyword to help you trim down your search result. These are in the form of text links that have results matching your search term. Click on any of them to see only things within that category.


This is a great filter option to know which product(s) for a given keyword receives the highest number of sales transactions. Filtered result using this criterion shows the product catalogs, as well as the corresponding “number of people receiving them”, arranged from highest to lowest sales. We find this very useful as it suggests the actual demand for the product, and may be able to give you an idea about the capacity of the seller to supply or serve demand.

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Seller’s credit is a gauge of seller’s reputation, an indicator of seller’s credibility and performance. It gives you an idea about the overall level of customer satisfaction as this is based on reviews received, thus you may use this type of filter to sort products from high to low credit sellers.


You have a budget for your purchase, this sorting option is a great way for you to filter search, which can be arranged from “low to high” prices or “high to low” prices. Alternatively, you may also set the amounts (lower limit and upper limit) in order to show products within that price range.

Furthermore, you can find a bar chart with percentages, which basically tells you the magnitude of people who like a certain price range. Example, 44% of people like this price range; once you hover the percentage, there is an intelligent response to show the certain price range, both lower and upper price limit.


This is a sorting option based on traffic or product views. Traffic can be triggered by different variables or combination of variables like seller’s marketing, price, supply and demand, seller’s reputation, etc. This also helps you spot trends or emerging trends in the market.

Delivery Place (Location):

Many Sellers deliver themselves if it is within the same city. If you are using forwarder service, it is a good idea also to check seller’s delivery place if located near your forwarder’s warehouse.  This helps you save more time and cost. It is a great thing that Taobao has this location filter which comes very handy.

There are also integrated filters which you can use altogether and/or in combination with filter options mentioned above. These are second hand goods, foreign goods, cash on delivery, return shipping insurance, genuine security, etc. Finally, to find products in Taobao, you need to use english translation tools. For best browsing experience, we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser as it has built-in translation tool which translates the whole webpage into English or your preferred language.

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  1. Lascelle Wright

    Hi I am interested in buying Khoty eyeglasses CO3 and CO5 to ship to New York City, please help locate them, I saw them on the internet but I can’t read Chinese

  2. Customer Support

    Dear Customer,

    For product description in English, You can translate the webpage ,If you are from another country, you may use translation tools like Google Translate, to translate Chinese to English or your local language. Just install Google Translate extension to your browser. For straightforward translation, we recommend that you use Chrome as your main browser as it translates the whole webpage without the need of installing an extension. Just open and click “Translate” at the top of the page, if you are using Desktop Computer or at the bottom of the page if you are using Mobile. Afterwhich, Chrome translates the entire webpage at one time. For more information on how to translate webpages using Chrome, use this link: Most of the time, translations are not that accurate but it offers the best option to understand Taobao better. It will then be much easier to go around Taobao website and find the best deals for the items that you want to buy.

    Best Regards,
    Taobao Age

  3. Customer Service Team //

    Dear customer,
    this link will help you in making your order

    – We will bill you twice for our service. First for buying the product & second for domestic and international shipping.

    First Bill consists of the Product Price + Our Service Fee.
    Our service fee is computed as 5% of Product Price for standard membership.

    Second Bill is for local shipping and international shipping. Once we have confirmed your payment, we will ship your package according to your chosen shipping method.

    Local Shipping is based on seller’s price, to deliver your products to our warehouse

    – For international shipping, you can check link below

    Best Regards,
    Taobao Age. Customer Service Team

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    Dear Customer

    – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, national and international routes may be affected.So, parcels shipping may be delayed.

    – The order will usually takes at least 20:25 working days to be received in our warehouse, Saturdays & Sundays are vacation in China.
    this link will help you in making your order

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