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You can find super deals in Taobao, and save more when you use the services of the Cheapest Taobao Agent. Here’s how you can save with Taobao Age.

Cheapest Taobao Agent | Buy From Taobao

Service Fee is only 5% 

While other Taobao Agents charge customers 8 to 10% based on total product cost and local shipping fee, Taobao Age. offers very reasonable rate of 5% of Product Cost without minimum fee. Our Exchange rate is 1 USD = 0.1550 CNY.

VIP Perks: as low as 1% Service Fee

Loyal customers are able to accumulate points for every transaction, which they can use to upgrade their membership to Gold or Platinum. Gold and Platinum members will enjoy much lower rate of only 3% and 1%, respectively, instead of the standard 5% Service Commission. See Taobao Age. Services & Pricing for more information.

Payment Cashback of 2% 

For each payment transfer of at least 1,000 USD via Western Union or TT, customer gets 2% cashback! This means that for 1,000 USD, you get 20 USD OFF, and savings gets bigger the more you transfer.

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Package Consolidation: save up to 70%

We combine orders from multiple sellers from Taobao, Tmall, 1688, & other chinese online marketplace. You can save more in having orders combined rather than having each of them shipped individually. The first half-kilo is costlier than the succeeding halves, thus you can avoid having this price being charged repeatedly to each individual order. Moreover, we can remove unnecessary packaging like shoe-boxes to minimize parcel’s dimensional weight, and bubble wrap items without extra costs!

Discounted Shipping Fee

You can save in shipping from China with discounted rates! Due to our volume of transactions, we get shipping discounts from our shipping partners, which in turn benefit our customers from low shipping rates. There are many options you can choose from to ship your parcel from China like express shipping, slow mail service/economy lines, and also air freight and sea freight for bulk shipments. Plus, you get additional discount for over 20 KG parcel, and special discount for over 100 KG!

Inclusive Services!

Members get to avail many inclusive services from Taobao Age. We provide inspection service, free storage, package consolidation, packing/repacking service, shipping service, taobao dropshipping, and more! You too can enjoy all these services for only 5% Service Fee!

So shop now with us and enjoy the best value-for-money services of the Cheapest Taobao Agent – Taobao Age.

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    What’s the shipping rate for sea freight? And how many weeks will 8t arrive here in the Philippines?

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