Best Taobao Agent, optimizing your shopping experience

There are many Taobao Agents and Buying Agents in China that can help you especially in buying from overseas. Finding the Best Taobao Agent may not be simple as there is a plethora of agents in this fiercely contested industry. It all boils down in choosing the right agent which can best fulfill your needs.

These are the factors that you may consider in deciding which agent to avail the service:

  1.  Flexible Payment Methods:
  • Safe payment options with buyer and purchase protection policy
  • Easily accessible and convenient channels
  • Fast Transfer
  • Cost consideration, e.g. service fees

When you are dealing with the Agent for the first few orders, it may be ideal for you to use safe payment method like Paypal as it has buyer and purchase protection policy so you can shop more confidently and securely.

Best Taobao Agent 24-Hour Support

  1.  24-Hour Customer Support

Agents that offer 24-hour Customer Support have high propensity to instantly cater to your needs, promptly resolve issues and expedite your order fulfillment.

  1.  Reasonable Prices

Membership Benefits

Choose an agent with loyalty program where you can enjoy moreperks and benefits from your membership, and ultimately can bring more savings for you, especially when you have recurring transactions like for business purpose.

Service Fee

Most agents charge 8% to 10% commission. But you can also find reliable agents offering lower service rate at only 5%. Make sure to learn also what available services are covered by this fee.

Shipping Cost

A major deciding factor is the shipping price. There are economy shipping methods to choose from if you are willing to trade-off slow delivery with no tracking capability for cost considerations; on the other hand, express couriers can offer average to above average service but for a higher price.

Your choice of courier depends on how fast or how long you are willing to wait for your parcel, cost considerations, safety of your parcel, order volume, type of products, etcIt’s good to work with an agent that offers flexible shipping options with reasonable rates and can advise which method is best for you considering those factors that are important to you.

Best Taobao Agent Quality Assurance

  1.  Good Quality Control

Quality Control is crucial as it is frustrating and costly to receive a bad product after waiting and paying for the item cost, shipping cost, etc. This is why you may need the service of an Agent to help you minimize this risk. However, quality is subjective, so such risk can only be mitigated by careful inspection but cannot be totally removed.

Best Taobao Agent: Reasonable Prices

  1.  Cost Savings / Value-Added Services

Consolidation Service

The cost for first ½ kg is the most expensive than the succeeding halves in international shipping. When you’re ordering multiple products from different sellers, you can save cost when you can combine your orders in one box.

Free Removal of Boxes/Packaging

Some agents offer free removal of shoe boxes or unnecessary packaging to minimize your parcel’s volumetric weight.

Customs Taxes 

Taobao Age. can help you save from taxes by declaring products at lower prices. Although, it is not recommended to adjust too much as Customs may suspect and may determine (based on experience) that the declared value is less than the real value of the products, Customs may levy heavy taxes or confiscate all. We can also declare small parcel as gift, at lower prices.

Other services

Taobao Agents also offer product search for a fee, or without extra charge! Likewise, for product photos.

It’s not easy to define ”best” or find the best. Most of the time it is relative to your experience which influence your understanding, perception or judgement about the service, and ultimately your choice of Agent for long-term partnership, especially when you have recurring transactions to meet business needs.

If you need the Service of an Agent, Taobao Age. is here for you. We strive to offer all of the above in order to optimize your online shopping experience.

Here in  Taobao Age. we offer you only the best that we can because you deserve it.

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