8 Weirdest Things You Can Buy From Taobao

Taobao is one of the largest online shopping sites in the world. You can find almost everything in there, from clothes, shoes, furniture to even the weirdest thing you never thought you can buy online. In this article, I will list down some of the weirdest stuff you can buy from Taobao.

8 Weird Stuff to Buy From Taobao

1) A Bottle of Fart. A bottle of fart which you can customize into some fruit farts like pineapple fart, banana fart, apple fart, durian fart, etc. Smelly, right?

a bottle

2) Portable Folding Steam Sauna. You don’t need to go out of your house to do your sauna with this convenient and easy to install portable steaming sauna. It also comes with a foot massager for your tired feet.


3) Rent-A-Boyfriend/Girlfriend. If you badly need someone to pretend as your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can find men/women on Taobao that sell this kind of service at various prices, depending on their physical appearance and career. There are also those whom you can pay to call you for greetings, to listen to your problems or to give you encouragement.


4) Breast Milk Soap. This might look like an ordinary soap but it’s actually a soap made from breast milk. The seller claims that this soap is gentle, and can be used by both adults and babies. It is said to be good for deep-cleansing, and also effective against rashes for infants.


5) Unique Pet Clothing. If you want to make your pet look trendy and cool, Taobao has a lot of fun stuff you can choose from for your adorable pet. From clothing, shoes, to even rainbow hair coloring. Feel proud while walking your pet in the park!


6) Shoe Lace Headset. You can find this playful headphone and mic made out of shoe lace in Taobao as well. You can have them in red, blue, green, or in any color you want!


7) Mop Shoes. With these shoes that have built-in rug, you don’t have to suffer doing your mopping by your arms. You can be walking around the house doing other chores while also cleaning the floor. Talk about maximizing productivity!


8) Jackie Chan Nose-Shaped Soap Dispenser. This nose soap dispenser is said to be modeled by the Hong Kong’s most famous film star, Jackie Chan. Make this weirder by putting a green liquid soap, let’s see if that would make you feel clean while washing your hands.


Now, which item do you think is the weirdest? Taobao not only consist of cheap and affordable items but it is also filled with strange stuff! But this is just a short list of the many strange things you can find online at Taobao. There’s a lot more to find in the site which you never knew you could possibly buy from there.

Credit: (Photos from Taobao)

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