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1688.com also called Alibaba.cn is the popular chinese version of Alibaba.com. It is a great site for wholesalers and small businesses to source their products due to cheap prices, even cheaper than Alibaba.com. Most sellers from popular sites like Taobao, AliExpress, and eBay buy from 1688. Indeed, for resellers, 1688 is the answer in earning wider profit margin!

1688 Agent | Buy at 1688 conveniently and securely

1688.com Traffic Overview (Source: www.similarweb.com)

You can basically purchase almost anything in this site as it offers very wide selections and categories of products. However, when you are buying from overseas, there may be certain shipping restrictions which cannot be shipped like liquid, cream, powder, chemicals, strong magnets, pure batteries, knives, weapons, etc.

Moreover, 1688.com is designed for Chinese buyers, thus the website is 100% Chinese. But you may use Google Chrome as your browser due to its built-in translation feature, which can translate the whole webpage to English or your preferred language. By doing that, you can search for products and read product details, specifications and reviews. Also, you may use chinese keywords for accurate results using google translate when searching for products, and avoid lengthy keywords as they may bring about irrelevant results.

However, most 1688 sellers can’t speak and understand English, can’t ship internationally, and only accept chinese internal payments.  These should not stop you from growing your business and succeed.

Here’s what Taobao Age., your best buying agent in China, offer:

  • We order on your behalf
  • We communicate to sellers & make sure all is clear about your order
  • We check product conformity to your specifications and do both quality & quantity inspections
  • We handle return/exchange of non-conforming and defective products
  • We offer free storage up to 120 days!
  • We repack & combine multiple orders so you can save in shipping!
  • We accept Paypal, bank transfer, bank cards, and other international payment methods like Western Union & MoneyGram
  • We ship your parcel overseas to your address at discounted rates!

Ship with us and save more with our discounted shipping rates! Moreover, when you ship with over 20 KG, our rates are slashed by about 20%, with special rate for over 100 KG. We handle the export process in China, and we attach all required documents for customs clearance in your destination country.

You can use all these services for a very reasonable rate of 5% on top of your product cost. Order with us now and let us, your reliable 1688 Agent optimize your shopping experience!

1688 Agent | Taobao Age. www.taobaoage.com

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  1. ...Customer Service Team...

    Dear customer,

    You can contact us via this email : [email protected] or via live chat or WhatsApp: +8618871488894

    please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help

    “always happy to serve”

    Best Regards,
    Taobao Age.

  2. Tom_Vasquez

    Best 1688 Agent ! They handle my orders very well, and I just waited for my orders to arrive without issues at all! Fast communication, cheap service, fast delivery, all great!

  3. _ Customer Service Team _

    Hello Tom,

    Thank you so much! we always glad to serve you.

    Taobao Age

  4. Oluwatayo Israel

    Good day team,

    I am in search of a 1688 agent. I reside in Nigeria and it has always been an herculean task to ship in things from China here for me. Kindly reach out to me if you will be able to help out.

  5. Charles Obutte

    Hello. Please I am interested in sourcing for children clothing while I’ll provide the specific designs they will carry. Please what is the process and what email do I reach you with?

    Thank you

  6. Customer Support

    Dear customer,

    You can contact us via this email : [email protected] or via live chat.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help

    Have a great day!

    Best Regards,
    Taobao Age.

  7. Customer Support

    Dear Customer,

    We do not ship products containing powder or paste-like and liquid substances, any food items, medicine, power banks, digital products, etc. For more information, you may visit our prohibited-items page for lists of items not eligible for international shipping: https://taobaoage.com/prohibited-restricted-items

    Best Regards,
    Taobao Age

  8. Customer Support

    Dear Customer,

    We are buying agent in China. We are not affiliated with www.taobao.com, and our business is independent of Taobao. 

    But you can order with us and we handle the buying, checking, order consolidation and shipping for you, plus you get to enjoy more benefits: https://baohero.com/pricing

    This link will help you in making your order : https://baohero.com/how-to-order

    Best Regards,
    BaoHero Customer Service Team

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