12.12 Sale on Taobao: Double 12, Double the savings


Just last 11/11, the biggest online shopping sale stormed the internet. This December, prepare yourself for another massive sale this coming 12.12, and enjoy up to 70% discounts when you shop products in Taobao! 12.12 Sale offers 24-hour shopping extravaganza to satisfy consumers’ gluttony.

Millions of sellers are set to participate in 12.12 sale. As early as now, you can start preparing your shopping list for the big event and enjoy big savings, as it will be a crazy shopping day for Double 12 this year!

How to find participating shops and products for 12.12 Sale?

Visit taobao.com and tmall.com now to find out which products will be sold at a discount. Just type “双 12” or “12.12” or “1212 购物 狂欢 节” in search box or click 1212, as in the image below:

12.12 Sale in Taobao! Enjoy huge discounts!

Only products bought on December 12 are entitled to promotional offers by participating shops.

How does Taobao Age. make your shopping easy on 12.12 Sale?

Simply order with us, send us your product links, and Taobao Age. will handle the rest! Taobao Age. orders on your behalf, communicates effectively with Sellers, checks quality, combines your orders from different sellers, ships your parcel at very reasonable prices! In Taobao Age., we optimize your online shopping experience!

You can start to order with us, add your product links, and be sure to fund your account on or before 12.12. And we will buy your products on the big day! To enjoy more savings, you may use Taobao Age Coupon Code: TA-122016, and instantly avail our special offer of only 3% Service Fee when you shop with Taobao Age. Simply add the promo code in New Order. Promo code is valid when you post your order with us from December 10 to 15, 2016.

Visit us at www.taobaoage.com now! Enjoy Shopping!

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