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When it comes to online shopping on Taobao from the USA, BaoHero is your Best Taobao Agent in the USA, optimizing your shopping experience.

Here’s how BaoHero makes your online shopping in China fast, convenient and secure.

Taobao Agent USA

  1. You Can Buy from Multiple Websites like Taobao, Tmall, JD, 1688, and More!

We order your chosen products and have them delivered to our warehouse in China,  where we assemble all your orders. We make sure all instructions and specifications are clear before buying, and communicate these instructions effectively to sellers.

  1. Free Product Search and Product Inspection

Our shopping team will do their best to find your requested product in China using our Free Product Search Service.

Once we receive your order in our warehouse, our team shall inspect each product carefully to make sure you get the right product, following your specifications. If our quality team suspects a nonconforming or defective product, we shall inform you immediately and provide you with photos, free of charge.

  1. Pay from Your US Bank Account

We offer variety of payment methods for your convenience. You may choose from PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union, and MoneyGram.

For larger payments, you can save in transaction fees by making a direct payment transfer to our affiliate’s US bank account, as our payment service charge is only 10 USD per transfer for a minimum transfer of 500 USD. When you transfer 500 USD to our Affiliate’s US Bank Account, you can save 10 USD instead of paying with PayPal, as we charge 4% on PayPal transfers.

You may also choose PayPal for fast, convenient, and secure payments. Using PayPal, you can easily pay with your bank card, and we can instantly confirm your payment and process your order. Additionally, it has buyer protection to make you more confident while you shop.

  1. Combine Orders and Save on Shipping Fees

You can combine orders from different marketplaces and vendors. You can save on international shipping, as the first half-kilo is costlier than the rest of the weight. What’s more, we can add protection to your product like bubble wrap. We also remove shoe boxes and packaging without any additional charge. If you have specific instructions about your parcel declaration, you can simply inform us at any time.

  1. We Ship to Your Address in the USA, Using Our Recommended Shipping Methods!
Shipping Methods to USA

Delivery Time


DHL3 to 7 Working DaysDHL offers us discounts so you can save more on shipping with us to America.
FedEx3 to 7 Working DaysLike DHL, FedEx delivers fast and commendable service.
SF Express3 to 7 Working DaysSF Express is like the DHL of China, which offers low-cost express shipping service to the USA.
EMS7 to 10 Working DaysEMS is a cheaper option to ship to America, and cost is based on actual weight only.
ePacket7 to 14 Working DaysePacket is ideal for small parcels up to 2 KG.

We recommend the above shipping methods for their reliable service, and these methods have tracking system so you can track your shipment and check delivery status. To track your shipment, we will send you the shipping details and tracking number.

Moreover, our shipping partners offer us discounted rates because of our volume of transactions with them, so you can save on shipping costs by ordering from us. But if you have preference for another method, let us know and we can accommodate your request in shipping your orders.

  1. BaoHero offers Dropshipping Services

BaoHero is your dropshipping agent in China that helps you deliver products directly to your customers. Take advantage of our dropshipping services now!

  • Shipping. We ship your orders directly to your customers. Your customers will never know about your supplier.
  • Your Own Branding. We can add your business logo to your packages.
  • Removal of Price Tags. We will remove any price tags attached to the products.
  • Vast Supplier Network. No need to limit your suppliers to those who can dropship.
  1. Customer Service Team is Available 24/7

BaoHero offers 24/7 customer support. You’ll have our Customer Service team right when you need them to cater to all of your needs and help you expedite your orders.

With BaoHero, you can sit back and relax while we do it all for you. This is how BaoHero optimizes your shopping experience! Shop on Taobao from USA now with your Best Taobao Agent in the USA.

BaoHero | BaoHero USA

Best Taobao Agent

Taobao Agent Service

Taobao is the most popular online shopping destination in China. Given the fact that there is a huge number of vendors trading in Taobao, you can find so many great deals whether you are buying for clothing, foot wears, bags, accessories and fashion items or electronics, Taobao simply has everything to offer. When you are buying from overseas, you can either do it on your own or enjoy hassle-free shopping by availing the services of a Taobao Agent.


Taobao Agents are well experienced in dealing with Chinese sellers and handling international shipping; and they can offer you value-for-money services. Here are the services that you can take advantage with a Taobao Agent:

  • Order on your behalf
  • Receive your orders
  • Check product conformity to specifications.
  • Handle returns / exchange of product
  • Pack your orders
  • Ship your orders

On top of these services, a reliable and trustworthy Taobao Agent always extends a mile to make sure you get only the best shopping experience.

  • Make sure to capture accurate order information, before ordering with the seller.
  • Communicate effectively to Sellers, to get the right item
  • Offer you suggestions about other sellers offering the same product, but with better service
  • Inspect each product carefully to check product condition and conformity with specifications
  • Combine your orders without any additional cost, for you to save in shipping
  • Partner with reliable shippers, so you can be assured your package is safe and secure
  • Be there to inform you in every detail of your order and every step of the process

These are the things you can have in availing the services of a Taobao Agent. And if you need a Taobao Agent you can rely on, we are happy to offer all those services for a very reasonable price. In Taobao Age. (, you can expect quality service and special care.

1688 Agent, making buying in China Fast, Easy & Secure also called is the popular chinese version of It is a great site for wholesalers and small businesses to source their products due to cheap prices, even cheaper than Most sellers from popular sites like Taobao, AliExpress, and eBay buy from 1688. Indeed, for resellers, 1688 is the answer in earning wider profit margin!

1688 Agent | Buy at 1688 conveniently and securely Traffic Overview (Source:

You can basically purchase almost anything in this site as it offers very wide selections and categories of products. However, when you are buying from overseas, there may be certain shipping restrictions which cannot be shipped like liquid, cream, powder, chemicals, strong magnets, pure batteries, knives, weapons, etc.

Moreover, is designed for Chinese buyers, thus the website is 100% Chinese. But you may use Google Chrome as your browser due to its built-in translation feature, which can translate the whole webpage to English or your preferred language. By doing that, you can search for products and read product details, specifications and reviews. Also, you may use chinese keywords for accurate results using google translate when searching for products, and avoid lengthy keywords as they may bring about irrelevant results.

However, most 1688 sellers can’t speak and understand English, can’t ship internationally, and only accept chinese internal payments.  These should not stop you from growing your business and succeed.

Here’s what Taobao Age., your best buying agent in China, offer:

  • We order on your behalf
  • We communicate to sellers & make sure all is clear about your order
  • We check product conformity to your specifications and do both quality & quantity inspections
  • We handle return/exchange of non-conforming and defective products
  • We offer free storage up to 120 days!
  • We repack & combine multiple orders so you can save in shipping!
  • We accept Paypal, bank transfer, bank cards, and other international payment methods like Western Union & MoneyGram
  • We ship your parcel overseas to your address at discounted rates!

Ship with us and save more with our discounted shipping rates! Moreover, when you ship with over 20 KG, our rates are slashed by about 20%, with special rate for over 100 KG. We handle the export process in China, and we attach all required documents for customs clearance in your destination country.

You can use all these services for a very reasonable rate of 5% on top of your product cost. Order with us now and let us, your reliable 1688 Agent optimize your shopping experience!

1688 Agent | Taobao Age.

How to Search for a Product in Taobao Using a Photo

You have the exact image of the item you’re eyeing to buy and you want to search for it in Taobao. This article offers you a simple guide on how to easily find the item you are looking for by simply uploading a photo. It’s the coolest thing to try with online shopping! So, how exactly do we search for a product in Taobao using a photo?

With hundreds of millions of product listings on Taobao, you can surely find what you are looking for. But the question is: how long will it take you to find it? Let’s cut the lengthy and tiresome process short and make it easier for you.

1. Upload Your Image

How to search product in Taobao using photo? - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Click the camera icon in search bar and upload the image. Taobao will then list products that look similar in appearance.

How to search product in Taobao using photo? - Taobao Age | Taobao English

2. Filter Your Search

Instead of showing “All” items, you can filter results by choosing a category like “Male,” “Female,” or “Child.” In my case, I chose “Male.”

Search Product in Taobao using Photo - Taobao Age | Taobao English

3. Use the Marquee Body Tool

You may notice that the uploaded image appears on the top left side of the page. You can also search for a particular item found on the image by using the Marquee body tool. For example, aside from the shirt, I also like the jeans. Using the tool will give spotlight to the jeans, thus narrowing search results to similar items. Just go to the uploaded image and click “Marquee body.” Then, focus the item using the tool and click “OK.”

Search Item in Taobao using Image - Taobao Age | Taobao English

To be more specific, you can further filter search results, such as in the example below, where I chose “Bottoms.” You can find these filters beside the uploaded image. Categories include “Coats,” “Dresses,” “Bottoms,” “Bags,” “Shoes,” etc.

Find Product in Taobao by uploading Image - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Now I want to search for the shirt again; just follow the same process as above. Go to the uploaded image, click “Marquee body,” focus the upper body and click “OK.” I also chose “Shirt” or “Coat” to limit the search further. With these results, I can now compare prices and choose a seller.

Make sure your location is set to Mainland China in order to use this feature. Additionally, you can find more products at insanely cheap prices when your location is set to Mainland China rather than Taobao Global, since most Taobao sellers do not have the ability to perform transactions with international customers. You just need to find a reliable Taobao agent to help you.

Use Chrome to easily translate webpages to your preferred language. In the example, I use the English language. This cool feature to search for a product in Taobao using a photo is also available in the Taobao Mobile App. Try it and enjoy effortless shopping!

If you need the services of a reliable Taobao agent, visit us at

How to buy in Taobao from outside of China?

How to buy in Taobao outside China? - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Taobao is the biggest online shopping marketplace in China where you can find products and services at very low prices. The website is 100% Chinese, but there are tools you can use to translate Chinese to your preferred language.

Google Translate Service

Using Chrome as your browser can offer convenient translation of the whole webpage since it has built-in translate tool. It might not offer accurate translations, nevertheless it will significantly improve your shopping experience due to the fact that you need to understand important information about buying, payment method and shipping. Likewise, you need to check sellers’ rating and read customers’ reviews in choosing a reliable seller.

Finding a Trustworthy Seller

Sellers are ranked as follows: hearts, diamonds, blue crowns and gold crowns. This is based on the number of successful transactions they have handled. Sellers with gold crowns are considered to be the best and most experienced. Newer shops may have lower ranks but it does not necessarily mean you cannot trust them. It is best that you see sellers’ profile to check their respective service evaluations.

How to buy in Taobao from outside of China? - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Seller’s Evaluation

Taobao’s rating system is a good measure of a seller’s trustworthiness. When you go to seller’s profile page, you will find the shop’s Dynamic Scoring within six months, where a seller is given a rating of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest. This evaluation is based on three important criteria: the description and pictures of the item matched to the actual product, attitude of the seller, speed of dispatching and shipping the order. It is important to pay attention to this scoring system as this will tell you what to expect with the service. We recommend that you choose sellers with average score of at least 4.

How to buy in Taobao? Taobao Seller Evaluation - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Likewise, you also need to check sellers’ Credit Evaluation which shows their favorable rating. We recommend that you buy from shops with at least 99% favorable rating. The table also quantifies customer feedback based on the following categories: favorable comments, average comments and bad reviews.

How to buy in Taobao? Taobao Seller Favorable Rating - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Alongside the table is Seller Credit history which shows seller’s rank (gold crowns, blue crowns etc.), the item category with the biggest market share within the shop, and the corresponding market share percentage.

Product Review

It is crucial to find out if the product is of good quality by going to Customer Reviews located below the product page. It is rated using a 5-Point Scale scoring system based on previous shoppers’ feedback of the actual product. If the product is rated 5 stars, you can be assured of good quality. However, you might need to check the number and quality of reviews. Some reviews are just made up.

How to buy in Taobao? Product Review - Taobao Age | Taobao English

If there are no reviews for a particular item, you may also check seller’s evaluation from buyers by going to seller’s profile page. Here, you can read reviews by people who bought any of the seller’s products.

How to buy in Taobao from outside of China? Taobao Guide - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Do-It-Yourself Shopping

International buyers can shop in Taobao on their own. If you decide to be adventurous, there are shopping options in Taobao so you can buy directly.

Taobao has an International Parcel Forwarding Service System. This is a move by the Alibaba-operated site to make merchandise available outside China.

The built-in logistic system will enable you to monitor status updates regarding your purchases; and allow you to consolidate multiple orders in one package. But this is only available for selected countries or regions.

Paying for your Purchases

Taobao accepts Alipay, bank deposit, cash-on-delivery and credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, JCB, etc. The shopping platform also accepts direct debits from foreign bank accounts in selected Countries and Regions. You need to check the payment method accepted by the seller in Product Page.

Most sellers use Alipay because it protects both buyers and sellers. Alipay is a third-party online payment platform, once controlled by the Alibaba Group and is integrated with Alibaba-operated sites’ payment system. It is the biggest online payment platform in China. But it might be new to what you have been accustomed to in other popular sites like Amazon and eBay.

As a direct competitor of Alipay, it is very unlikely that Paypal will be accepted in Taobao. Cash-on-delivery is also not available outside China.

The Pitfalls of Buying on Your Own

Shopping in Taobao seems to be an intriguing experience for an international shopper. The website is 100% Chinese. It is best if you can communicate in Chinese or you have someone Chinese-speaking who can help. There may be few sellers who can converse well in English, but they charge higher prices for their products.

You may encounter problems like delay in delivery, the seller has not yet shipped out your item after a week, item is out-of-stock; then you start to communicate with the seller to figure out what’s happening. The seller makes excuses and worse, ignores your message. There’s however a refund option but it can lead to a very tedious and frustrating process especially when you are dealing with problematic sellers.

Other common problems: you got the item but it’s the wrong one, you received the item but it’s defective or damaged, or you got your order but there’s an item missing. Furthermore, most sellers are not experienced in international shipping as they already have a huge market in China. It may become very costly for you.

Using Agent Service

If you want to avoid all the pitfalls of buying in Taobao on your own, you may choose to avail of Agent Service.

They are very experienced in both buying and international shipping. So you can just sit back and relax. No need to deal with several parties, e.g. Chinese Sellers, Forwarders, Taobao Helpline, etc. The Agent will fulfill all your needs to optimize your Taobao experience.

You can also save a lot in shipping cost. They offer consolidation service to combine multiple orders in one package. The first 500 grams (half kilo) is the most expensive with couriers, so you can save more by consolidating your orders in one package. Moreover, most of them also offer free warehouse storage to stock your items until you decide when to have them shipped.

There may be extra charges as they also need to earn from the services that they provide to you but in totality, the benefits of using a reliable agent is definitely worth the extra costs.

If you need the services of a reliable Taobao Agent, you can contact Taobao Age thru: e-mail: [email protected], live chat/online support at

What is Taobao?

Taobao Online-Shopping - Taobao Age | Taobao English

Taobao is the biggest online shopping marketplace in China, founded in May 10, 2003 by the Alibaba Group. Just like the meaning of its name, which means “searching for treasures”, Taobao is where you can find great quality items at extremely low prices.

It’s a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) platform offering high visibility for products and services. It is so huge that its gross merchandise volume reached 508 Billion Yuan  or 76 Billion USD for the 2nd quarter of 2016, up by 19 percent compared to the same period in 2015.

Online shoppers can definitely benefit in buying from Taobao because of high competition among sellers. There are over hundreds of millions of product and service listings in Taobao. In a highly competitive marketplace, sellers have less leverage over the price. This is the reason why you can buy dirt-cheap stuff at very low prices. Aside from that, there’s no denying the fact that in the global market, China has significant price advantage particularly driven by cheap labor in the country. That being said, Taobao is gaining popularity among consumers and merchants overseas. However, being a 100% Chinese website, it poses difficulty for international customers to interact within the platform.

If you are from another country, you may use translation tools like Google Translate, to translate Chinese to English or your local language. Just install Google Translate extension to your browser. For straightforward translation, we recommend that you use Chrome as your main browser as it translates the whole webpage without the need of installing an extension. Just open and click “Translate” at the top of the page, if you are using Desktop Computer or at the bottom of the page if you are using Mobile. Afterwhich, Chrome translates the entire webpage at one time. For more information on how to translate webpages using Chrome, use this link: Most of the time, translations are not that accurate but it offers the best option to understand Taobao better. It will then be much easier to go around Taobao website and find the best deals for the items that you want to buy.